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History of CVG Alcasa

CVG Aluminio del Caroni S.A., CVG Alcasa, was founded on December 1960 with the purpose of producing primary aluminum and its byproducts.

On October 14th, 1967, the company starts operations and becomes the first aluminum smelter of the country with an initial capacity, in its first stage, of 10,000 metric tons per year of primary aluminum.

On the following year and continuing with its expansion process, it moved ahead towards the second stage of its Phase II by increasing its capacity up to 22,500 MTY and starting its rolling mill complex at the plants of Matanzas ( Bolivar State) and Guacara (Carabobo State).

A new project for expanding its capacities is started by CVG Alcasa on the mid 80’s; a project that included the expansion of its rolling mill plant in Guayana as well as the construction of plotlines IV and  V for increasing its capacity up to 420,000 MTY.  CVG Alcasa installed the service areas required for supporting the capacity of five potlines however managed to build Line IV only for a total production of 210,000 MTY; a fact that obviously caused a misbalance in its financial and operative capability.

At present, after having received the corresponding approvals from the central government, CVG Alcasa has started its operations growth project for the construction of its  Line V, an issue on which the first steps have been made and that will allow reaching its operational balance point in the medium term as well as an installed production capacity of 450,000 MTY of aluminum.

For satisfying the domestic market demand within the frame of the at that time existing  imports replacing policy, CVG Alcasa accomplishes the construction of its Phase III expansion which allows to rise its installed production capacity up to 50,000 MTY. Subsequently, it starts Phase IV for its expansion with the construction of a third potline by means of which a nominal production capacity of 120,000 MTY of primary aluminum and the expansion of its rolling mill facility is achieved.

Thanks to the constant work and dedication of the “alcasians”, the state-owned smelter offers its customers primary aluminum products of high purity classified as follows:

22.5 Kg Ingots; 454 Kg and 680 Kg sows, alloy billets and slabs for the rolling mill, rolled aluminum in coils, plates and bands.

Market segments:
Construction, electrical, transport, packing, refrigeration, goods of consumption and others.


                                                                                                                CVG Alcasa - RIF: G200110929